I am an Associate Research Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and the University of Maryland; specializing in polar sea ice variability. I am based at NASA GSFC's Cryospheric Sciences Lab and am jointly funded through NASA's Operation IceBridge and ICESat-2 projects.

I strive to further our understanding of polar (Arctic and Antarctic) sea ice through research into: (i) the physics governing its behaviour, (ii) the drivers of its spatial and temporal variability, and (iii) its coupling with the atmosphere and ocean. Recent research interests include:

Remote sensing of sea ice

Shelf sea oceanography

Seasonal sea ice forecasting

Snow on sea ice

Sea ice dynamics and momentum transfer

Extreme events in the polar regions

Linkages between sea ice, ice sheets and global climate

I am a strong proponent of open science (e.g. providing code with paper releases, releasing public data products) and strive to make this a continued focus of my research approach. You can follow me and find out more about my research, code, articles, and data in the links above, or you can access my GitHub page, ORCID and Google Scholar links on the buttons below

My ORCID number is 0000-0003-0307-3216.


My most recent CV can be viewed here. Note that my website is generally more up-to-date!


Below are the projects I'm actively involved in with colleagues at the NASA GSFC Cryospheric Sciences Lab:

NASA's Operation iceBridge : A member of the Operation IceBridge Project Science Office (PSO) I'm working to provide novel sea ice data products/analysis and support efforts to produce a long-term sea ice thickness product.

NASA's ICESat-2 : Data product and algorithm lead for the ATL07/10 sea ice products, member of the ICESat-2 Project Science Office (PSO), and Co-I on a newly funded Science Team project (PI Tilling) I'm working to better understand the data from this new satellite laser altimeter and provide state-of-the-art estimates of the sea ice state (freeboard, thickness, roughness, floe size).

PolarMERRA : Part of a new initative to help produce a new, polar-focussed, atmospheric reanalysis with colleagues in the Cryospheric Sciences Lab and the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO).

PRSISE : Leading efforts to launch a new NASA-supported Polar Sea Ice State Estimate (PRSISE) by assimilating remotely sensed data into the CICE sea ice model.


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