Polar climate scientist - exploring the causes and consequences of sea ice change using observations and models.

I am an Associate Research Scientist at NASA's Cryospheric Sciences Lab and the University of Maryland. Please check out the tabs above to learn more about my research interests and activities. Below are a list of active projects I'm most focussed on right now.

NASA's ICESat-2 : Sea ice data product lead (ATL07/10/20/21), member of the Project Science Office and co-investigator on Dr. Tilling's Science Team project. I'm working to better understand the data from this new satellite laser altimeter and provide state-of-the-art estimates of the sea ice state (freeboard, thickness, roughness, floe size).

NASA's Operation IceBridge : A member of the Operation IceBridge Project Science Office (PSO). I'm currently leading efforts to produce a final, 10-year, sea ice thickness record.

PolarMERRA : Part of a new initative to help produce a new, polar-focussed, atmospheric reanalysis with colleagues in the Cryospheric Sciences Lab and NASA's Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO).

PRSISE : Contributing to the production of a new sea ice state estimate through the assimilation of remotely sensed data into the CICE sea ice model.

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