Current students

Nicole Keeney, NASA GSFC Summer Internship 2020 (supervisor).

New estimates of winter Arctic sea ice growth from ICESat-2


Rebecca Frew, PhD candidate at the Unversity of Reading, Reading, UK, since 2014 (co-supervisor).

Southern Ocean sea ice feedbacks using an idealized sea ice-mixed layer model (developed during my PhD).

Akira Sewnath, NASA GSFC Summer Internship 2018, funded (supervisor).

Novel machine learning techniques to provide spatial seasonal forecasts of Arctic sea ice.

Ryan Klasky, Undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2016-2017 (supervisor).

Antarctic sea ice forecasting.

Colton Byers, Masters student at the Naval Academy, Anapolis, MD, 2016 (co-supervisor).

Using commercial off­-the-­shelf (COTS) unmanned quadcopters to identify and characterize ice surface features. Presented work at the AMS and PARCA meetings.

Stephen Wolbach (PhD candidate), University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2016 (co-supervisor).

Beaufort Gyre ice-ocean coupling. Assisted with the paper on Arctic Ocean geostrophic circulation 2003-2014 published in The Cryosphere.

Teaching & Outreach

Check out my Media page for links to various examples of my efforts to communicate my own and other topical research developments with the public. You can also check out some articles I have written on my Blog page.

Below are some examples of various teaching efforts I have been involved with to-date. I'm constantly on the look-out for new teaching opportunities, so if you're interested in hosting me for a lecture or class on sea ice, or the Polar Regions more generally, do get in touch!

University of Washington's ICESat-2 hackweek, University of Washington (June 2019 & 2020)

Tutor and hackweek instructor, providing support to the sea ice participants regarding ATl03/07/10 data access and Python data analysis. June 2020 was a virtual hackweek, for more info on how this was put together follow this link:

Polar sea ice and the global climate system, University of Maryland (April 2018)

Invited guest lecture on polar sea ice and its linkages with the wider climate system for the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science undergraduate students.

Polar Science @NASA, Sitka High School, Alaska (October 2017)

A series of classes on various aspects of the Polar Regions to high school students (K7 and K12) in Sitka, Alaksa. A primary component of my Sitka Scientist in Residency fellowship. I'm keen to share the resources I generated for these classes, so if you're interested, do get in touch!

MADE CLEAR climate change scientific expert, Maryland/Delaware (2015-2017)

Providing advice to K-12 teachers in polar science. Contributed to the new Climate Change Learning Progression draft.

Physics of Oceans, Ice Sheets and Climate (assistant), University College London, UK (2011-2013)

Assisteted with problem classes and helped mark homework assignments.

The Melting Planet, London (summer 2013)

A 6-week workshop for high school students aged 16-17 which mixed lecturing with hands-on exercises to demonstrate fundamental principles of climate science with a focus on the Polar Regions.

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