A list of polar climate datasets and code repositories I have helped develop, document and/or disseminate.


ICESat-2 ATL20
The ATLAS/ICESat-2 L3B ATL20 Daily and Monthly Gridded Sea Ice Freeboard data set from the Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) mission contains daily and monthly gridded estimates of sea ice freeboard height, derived from along-track freeboard height estimates in the ATLAS/ICESat-2 L3A Sea Ice Freeboard product (ATL10). Data are available on a 25 km x 25 km SSM/I Polar Stereographic grid.

Data: https://nsidc.org/data/ATL20/

Citation: Petty, A. A., R. Kwok, M. Bagnardi, A. Ivanoff, N. Kurtz, J. Lee, J. Wimert, and D. Hancock. 2020. ATLAS/ICESat-2 L3B Daily and Monthly Gridded Sea Ice Freeboard, Version 1. [Indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA. NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center. doi:10.5067/ATLAS/ATL20.001.

Estimates of Arctic sea ice snow depth and density from the NASA Eulerian Snow On Sea Ice Model (NESOSIM) version 1.0. Data are available daily through the winter accumulation period on a 100 km x 100 km North Polar Stereographic grid.

Data: https://earth.gsfc.nasa.gov/cryo/data/nasa-eulerian-snow-sea-ice-model-nesosim.

Citation: Petty, A. A., M. Webster, L. N. Boisvert, T. Markus (2018), The NASA Eulerian Snow on Sea Ice Model (NESOSIM) v1.0: Initial model development and analysis, Geosci. Model Dev., doi: 10.5194/gmd-11-4577-2018.


ICESat-2 hackweek tutorials
Open source Python code developed for the ICESat-2 hackweek 2020.

GitHub link: https://github.com/ICESAT-2HackWeek/2020_ICESat-2_Hackweek_Tutorials.

Code archive: https://zenodo.org/record/3966463.

Citation: Arendt, A., Scheick, J., Shean, D., Buckley, E., Grigsby, S., Haley, C., Heagy, L., Mohajerani, Y., Neumann, T., Nilsson, J., Markus, T., Paolo, F. S., Perez, F., Petty, A., Schweiger, A., Smith, B., Steiker, A., Alvis, S., Henderson, S., Holschuh, N., Liu, Z., Sutterly, T., (Aug. 2020). 2020 ICESat-2 Hackweek Tutorials. Version 1.0.0. Zenodo. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3966463.

Open source Python code developed for the ICESat-2 hackweek 2019.

GitHub link: https://github.com/ICESAT-2HackWeek/ICESat2_hackweek_tutorials.

Code archive: https://zenodo.org/record/3966463.

Citation: Anthony Arendt, Ben Smith, David Shean, Amy Steiker, Alek Petty, Fernando Perez, Scott Henderson, Fernando Paolo, Johan Nilsson, Maya Becker, Susheel Adusumilli, Daniel Shapero, Bruce Wallin, Axel Schweiger, Suzanne Dickinson, Nicholas Hoschuh, Matthew Siegfried, Thomas Neumann. (2019). ICESAT-2HackWeek/ICESat2_hackweek_tutorials (Version 1.0). Zenodo. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3360994.